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​Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Luther Hall (a.k.a. Mistaloo Meff) is a multitalented visual and performing artist/activist.  After receiving his degree in 1997 from Hampton University in Graphic Design he  has completed one year of study at Madison Media Institute for video game design.  He has used his talent as a professional freelance graphic designer for over 20 years. 


After several years of experience as an educator in both public and private schools his focus has been towards developing artistic expression in young people.  Guided by a passion for learning both traditional and technological artistic method, his latest works are a characteristic representation of current social and ideological issues.  


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Loo  frequently collaborates with The Unscripted, providing skillful freestyle lyricism over the band's unique style of improvised instrumental music.


To date, he has released just a handful of singles, starting with the 2014 release of “StopSteemingUpMyGlasses,”  released on the city-wide Hip Hop collaborative project Land By The Lake Vol. 1, and his party anthem “The Party Up Rock.”  He has also released collaborations with Milwaukee emcees Taiyamo Denku and Son Em All, in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Mistaloo Meff has spent more than two decades as an artist in Milwaukee. During that time, he has been a positive force within the community and a solid contributor to the city's fine arts scene.

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