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Issue #2 On the Way!

After the success of two crowdfunding campaigns for Issues #0 and #1 the quest continues with the development of Issue #2 in the Zombie Protocol trilogy.  Be on the lookout for updates and behind the scenes glimpses during the creation of the book as well as your chance to contribute to the campaign and receive discount codes to get your paws on it before the stampede.

What You May Have Missed...

There seems to be a connection between the rise of the zombies and Ludwilla Vonheim, widow of philanthropist, Gustav Vonheim.  It was rumored that Ludwilla was a practitioner of magic and occult arts.  Reports on the night of her death are sketchy and few of the survivors will talk about it.  

It had been rumored that on the night of her death that she cursed the town saying she will return from the dead to,"claim that which is rightfully mine..."

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